Blog : Qu'est-ce qu'un café grand cru ?

What is Café Grand Cru?


The coffee world uses many names to designate its varieties. Between specialty coffee, grand cru coffee or even local coffee, it is not always easy to find your way around. Ideal opportunity to tell you about the great coffee vintages and their characteristics.


The name “grand cru coffee” has no fixed definition. This is the reason why certain brands can use it indiscriminately, without any real basis. But for more conscientious producers, of which Araku is one, this name must be used correctly. Finding its origins in the world of wine, it designates above all a rare coffee. A grand cru coffee is therefore a coffee from a very specific geographical region. On a plantation, the designation can be used to describe all of the plants or only a tiny plot of it. In any case, fine coffees, strictly speaking, cannot be sold in large quantities since their production is limited. Beyond the size of the plantation, the appellation also refers to a very specific origin with proven traceability. So no more coffee blends and other coffees without a specific origin. Finally, be aware that a grand cru coffee is necessarily a coffee with great origins, like those grown in Ethiopia or Jamaica.


Great origin, small exploitation, traceability and rarity: all this is not yet enough to accurately define a grand cru coffee. Indeed, its taste and composition also come into play. A grand cru coffee must first be 100% Arabica to qualify for this designation. Generally, such coffee offers a complex and long-lasting aroma, which makes it unique. From its production to its marketing, the grand cru must also follow certain rules. The coffee tree is often grown at high altitude and its cherry harvested with a comb or directly by hand. Certainly, it is not easy for a coffee lover to learn to recognize the difference between a real vintage coffee and a drink that does not deserve this designation. This is why you should never hesitate to ask your roaster for advice. To be sure of tasting a great vintage of coffee, both rare and with a traceable origin, you can succumb to Araku coffees.

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