Cafetière italienne : comment faire son café

Making a success of your Italian coffee maker

The Italian coffee maker or moka pot was invented in 1933 in Italy. A real icon in the world of specialty coffee, it allows you to prepare a rich and full-bodied coffee. Find on our site the Araku Coffee Italian coffee makers designed in collaboration with Andersenn & Voll.

Coffee Beans

The ideal roast ranges from medium to strong, delivering rich, full-bodied flavors. Prefer a fresh, fine to medium grind for optimal extraction. Among our range, Araku Sélection organic coffee stands out for its pronounced full-bodiedness, and it is with our Moka Araku designer Italian coffee maker that you will appreciate all its subtlety.

Coffee: Water Ratio

The Araku Italian coffee maker can prepare 150ml of coffee, we recommend a coffee: water ratio slightly lower than 1:10. So, you will only need 11 to 14g of freshly ground coffee. Of course, you can adjust this ratio according to your preferences.


A medium grind is ideal for the Italian coffee moka as it allows for balanced extraction of flavors as the steam rises through the ground coffee. A grind that is too fine risks clogging the filter and a grind that is too coarse can result in under-extracted coffee.

The method

Fill the bottom of the moka pot with water, stopping just short of the valve. Also fill the basket with 11 to 14g of coffee. Assemble the two parts with the rest of the Italian coffee maker and place the heat source there. Wait for the extraction to finish, it should last between 3 min 30 min and 4 min.