Café espresso : réussir son café

Make your espresso a success

Espresso is a brewing method in which hot water under high pressure is forced through ground coffee to produce a highly concentrated, deep-flavored beverage.

Coffee Beans

The espresso highlights the full-bodied character, chocolate notes and roundness of the coffees. We therefore recommend a strong roasted specialty coffee with a dark color. Our Araku Sélection coffee is perfectly suited for espresso.

Coffee: Water Ratio

For a 30ml cup of espresso, you will need 9g of ground coffee. If your filter holder makes two coffees at the same time, you will need 18g of ground coffee. Of course you can adjust the quantity of ground coffee depending on the more or less intense profile of the espresso you are looking for. Only one variable should not change, that of the quantity of water.


It is very important to pack the coffee correctly. In fact, the water from your machine will try to make the easiest and shortest possible path to your cup. It will favor air holes in your coffee and under-extract certain areas of your grinds. In order to sufficiently pack the filter holder with your tamper, you must exert a pressure of around 15kg.


To prepare espresso, it is recommended to use a fine to medium grind (similar to fine sand). The grind should be fine enough to allow optimal extraction of the aromas and flavors of the coffee, but not so fine that it causes over-extraction or blocks the passage of water. A fine grind ensures a short extraction time and a more concentrated brew, which gives espresso coffee its rich, full-bodied characteristic.

Water Temperature

The ideal water temperature for espresso is generally between 90°C and 96°C. Water that is too hot may burn the coffee, while water that is too cold will not extract the flavors properly. As for the pressure, it must be stable, constant and between 8 and 9 bars.

Extraction time

The ideal extraction time for espresso is generally between 25 and 30 seconds. Too short an extraction can result in an under-extracted espresso, with a taste that is too acidic and lacking in body. Conversely, extraction for too long can result in an over-extracted espresso, with a bitter and too intense taste.