Découvrez notre méthode de préparation de chemex avec du café de spécialité

Succeed in your Chemex

Ideal if you like to enjoy a clear cup rich in sweetness and nuances. This Chemex glass filter coffee maker is both easy to use and very beautiful. Today, its hourglass shape and distinctive collar have become iconic in American design history.

Coffee Beans

Chemex is one of the gentle preparation methods. Here we don't force things, we give time for the aromas of the coffee to express themselves. You should therefore choose a specialty coffee with a light to medium roast. Araku Grande Réserve coffee is perfectly suited for this method.

Coffee: Water Ratio

For a 500ml preparation in Chemex, you will need 38g of ground coffee. Of course you can adjust the quantity of ground coffee depending on the more or less intense profile you are looking for. Only one variable should not change, that of the quantity of water.


When using a Chemex, it is recommended to go for a medium to coarse grind. This grind should be finer than that used for cold brew, but coarser than that used for espresso. A grind that is too fine risks clogging the paper filter, while a grind that is too coarse can result in coffee lacking in flavor.

Water temperature

The ideal water temperature for a Chemex is generally around 91°C. Water that is too hot risks burning the coffee, while water that is too cold will not extract the flavors properly. Before beginning the brewing process, it is essential to pre-moisten the filter in order to remove the taste of the paper.


Gradually pour the rest of the water in a circular manner starting from the center outwards without touching the edges of the filter, extraction takes place between 3 minutes 30 and 4 minutes.