Blog : Nettoyer sa machine à café

How to maintain your coffee machine?

To extend the life of your coffee machine and enjoy delicious coffee, it is important to clean your coffee maker regularly. Using, cleaning and descaling the coffee maker: we tell you everything about how to maintain your coffee machine.


Typically used several times a day, coffee machines can wear out quickly. To avoid this, you must first use it correctly. Before anything else, you should know that it is best to turn off your coffee maker when you are not using it, in order to extend its lifespan. Also know that it is essential to use the right amount of water. It is better to have too much than too little, otherwise air will seep into the circuit via the pump. To continue enjoying good quality coffee and preserve your coffee maker, it is necessary not to let coffee sit for too long. Otherwise, deposits and grime could settle in the bottom of the bowl. This is why you must also learn how to clean your coffee maker properly.


In the coffee machine we tend to use tap water. But when it is brought to a boil, it deposits limescale and scale inside the appliance. In addition to attacking certain elements of the machine, these components can alter the taste of the coffee. So, how do you descale a coffee maker? You should put white vinegar and clean water in the tank. Next, turn on your coffee machine and carry out several cycles. The white vinegar will then dissolve the scale present in your device. After repeating this operation several times, run several cycles with only water to remove all traces of vinegar. Once the coffee machine has been descaled, it is also recommended to clean the reservoir of your coffee maker. This will help get rid of some bacteria and prevent mold from developing. Be sure to clean your machine with vinegar every month. As for the glass tank, wash it every week. Now that your coffee machine is cleaned, you are ready to fully enjoy all the aromas of Araku coffees.

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