comment bien réussir la préparation de son aéropress ?

Make your Aeropress a success

Simple and lightweight, designed to be durable and easy to transport, this coffee maker is a delight for coffee lovers who are always on the go. However, don't let its simplistic design mislead you, the Aeropress is one of the most versatile coffee makers on the market; from cold brew to strong coffee, the Aeropress is capable of preparing almost anything.

Which grains to choose?

For a coffee prepared with an Aeropress we recommend that you choose one of our organic coffees with a medium roast. Our Signature and Grande Reserve specialty coffees are ideal for this method.

What grind for an Aeropress?

To prepare an Aeropress, you will need a medium-fine grind, equivalent to table salt. A grind that is too fine risks clogging the paper filter, while a grind that is too coarse can result in coffee lacking in flavor.

For even better coffee, we recommend custom grinding your coffee, just before extraction. The fresher the coffee is ground, the more aromas and nuances it will have. To elevate your in-cup experience, we recommend pairing your Aeropress with a Timemore C2 grinder (11 clicks for light roasts and 12 to 14 clicks for medium and dark roasts).

How much coffee to use?

For our 250ml Aeropress recipe, you will need between 16g and 18g of ground coffee. Of course you can adjust the quantity of ground coffee depending on the more or less intense profile you are looking for. Only one variable should not change, that of the quantity of water.

What do I need to make an Aeropress?

A scale with a timer is recommended for this preparation. The Timemore black Mirror is the scale recommended by our baristas. Just be careful not to press the piston when the Aeropress® is on the scale, this could damage the scale.

For the water temperature we recommend a temperature of 91°C. Water that is too hot risks burning the coffee, while water that is too cold will not extract the flavors properly. To facilitate extraction we recommend the use of a gooseneck kettle with adjustable temperature such as the Fish Smart from Timemore .

Our recipe

  1. Place the Aeropress on a cup or container of at least 250 ml.
  2. Start by rinsing the paper filter before adding the ground coffee and empty the used water. This step removes the taste from the filter paper.
  3. Add the ground coffee then the 250g (or ml) of water.
  4. Lightly insert the piston to create a vacuum. The coffee should stop flowing.
  5. Allow the coffee to steep in the water for 1 to 2 minutes.
  6. Lightly shake the Aeropress in a circular motion and wait 30 seconds.
  7. Move the cup and Aeropress off the scale.
  8. Press the plunger with constant pressure until all the coffee has flowed out.
  9. Now you can enjoy your delicious coffee!

The result is not to my liking, what can I do?

If your coffee is too bitter , your coffee is probably over-extracted! Consider increasing the grind size and lowering the water temperature. Using specialty coffee beans with a lighter roast is also key to achieving less bitterness in the cup.

If your coffee is too tart or lacking in flavor , then your coffee is probably under-extracted! Consider reducing the grind size, increasing the water temperature and increasing the dose of ground coffee.

Some coffees are naturally rather tart or fruity. If these profiles are not to your taste, do not hesitate to take our online quiz to guide you towards one of our organic specialty coffees that will suit you better.

For more advice, do not hesitate to come and see us directly! Our baristas will be delighted to welcome you and guide you on the preparation of our exceptional coffees.