Le guide de préparation ultime pour préparer un cold brew doux et rafraichissent avec une bouteille hario

Make a success of your Cold Brew

A method which has gained momentum in recent years, especially in summer and which is characterized by a mild and refreshing taste. Unlike all other methods, cold brew is prepared with cold water and requires very long infusion times. This long infusion period also means that cold brew has a higher caffeine level than all other methods! It's the perfect drink to start a beautiful summer day.

Which grains to choose?

To prepare Cold Brew, we recommend a light or medium roast . Our Haute Altitude and Grande Réserve coffees are perfect for this method.

What grind to prepare Cold Brew?

A very coarse grind is necessary to prepare Cold Brew, equivalent to coarse salt . A grind that is too fine risks making your coffee too bitter, so if you think your grind is too fine, reduce the brewing time. A grind that is too coarse risks giving a coffee that lacks flavor; if you think you have ground too coarse, increase the infusion time.

For even better coffee, we recommend custom grinding your coffee, just before extraction . The fresher the coffee is ground, the more aromas and nuances it will have. To elevate your cupping experience, we recommend aHario manual grinder or a Braun electric grinder .

How much coffee should I use for Cold Brew?

The recommended ratio for preparing Cold Brew is between 1:8 and 1:12. Which represents between 80g and 125g of coffee per liter of water. You can obviously change the amount of ground coffee according to your preferences.

What do I need to make Cold Brew?

The Hario Cold Brew coffee maker is the best choice for preparing Cold Brew easily and cleanly. No need for filter paper , and once the extraction is finished you just have to remove the compartment with the coffee and your drink is ready. And no need to transfer! Once the coffee compartment is removed, the coffee maker also serves as a bottle for serving and storing Cold Brew.

If you don't have this coffee maker, you can simply brew the coffee and cold water in any container. Once the infusion is finished, transfer everything into a carafe, filtering the liquid with a paper or metal filter.

How long should I let my Cold Brew steep?

To prepare Cold Brew, we recommend between 8 and 12 hours of infusion . You can let it brew overnight to have delicious coffee ready to consume in the morning.

If you have ground too coarsely or the resulting drink seems too weak, you can infuse for longer. Some infuse their Cold Brew for up to 24 hours! Just take into account that the longer you let the Cold Brew steep, the higher the caffeine level.

Once the infusion is finished, keep the Cold Brew in the fridge. It can be stored in the fridge for up to a week after infusion.


To prepare cold brew with the Hario coffee maker :

  1. Place the coffee in the coffee reservoir. You will need between 60g and 90g of ground coffee.
  2. Pour 700ml of water over the coffee. Moisten all the coffee and shake the bottle to mix all the water and coffee well.
  3. Leave to infuse between 8 and 12 hours
  4. The Cold Brew is ready! Eat very fresh. Consider serving it with ice cubes.

You can also add a slice of orange or lemon for an extra touch of acidity and an interesting visual. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for orange or lemon syrup .

The result is not to my liking, what can I do?

If your coffee is too bitter , your coffee is probably over-extracted! Consider increasing the grind size and using coffee with a lighter roast.

If your coffee is too acidic or lacks flavor , then your coffee is probably under-extracted! Consider reducing the grind size and increasing the dose of ground coffee.

Some coffees are naturally more tart or fruity. If these profiles are not to your taste, do not hesitate to take our online quiz to guide you towards a specialty coffee that will suit you better.

For more advice, do not hesitate to come and see us directly! Our baristas will be delighted to welcome you and guide you on the preparation of our exceptional coffees.