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What is a barista? Definition, training and skills

Like a bartender who is a master in the art of cocktails, the barista is an expert in the history of coffee and especially its preparation in all its forms. What are the specificities of the profession? How to become a barista?


Depending on the country in question, the definition of barista differs. This note is addressed to all bartenders in Italy, his country of origin. On the other hand, in France, the United Kingdom or Germany, the term is more specific since it designates a coffee specialist. He is known for preparing quality espressos in many ways, including using a percolator, a coffee grinder or any other type of machine used by professionals. His field of expertise extends to all aspects surrounding coffee. He is readily credited with a certain erudition on all matters related to coffee. He is rightly considered a coffee sommelier. Able to provide advice and apply his knowledge, he is inexhaustible on the specificities of each coffee. It is able to offer a distinct variety according to the needs and tastes of consumers. A true enthusiast, the barista does not hesitate to collaborate with roasters, particularly to discover and share new flavors from elsewhere.


Becoming a barista requires an undeniable interest in service and the food profession. There are no specific diplomas yet. Also, it is highly appreciated to have solid personal knowledge before embarking on barista training. This aims to perfect your skills to better familiarize you with the different extraction techniques. Training also allows you to work in a professional environment while practicing how to prepare unique coffees and espressos. Mastery of machines, the right actions to adopt, an eye for detail and aesthetics... A barista is also required to assimilate the fundamentals of “latte art”. This technique consists of making drawings in milk foam. We can thus obtain hearts, animals and many other patterns with elegant and refined shapes. Whether it is a professional project or for your own culture, many establishments in France offer this type of course. Ground, in beans or in pod form, you will be able to fully appreciate the taste pleasures that Araku coffees offer.

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