Blog : quelle machine pour son café de spécialité ?

Which machine to choose for which coffee?

Faced with the numerous coffee machines on the market, it is not always easy to choose the one suited to our consumption. French press coffee maker for “slow coffee”, ground coffee machine or even percolator with grinder? We help you find THE coffee maker you need.


Are you a fan of mild coffee with great aromatic richness? Perhaps, without knowing it, you are made for "slow coffee"... This is a coffee resulting from gentle extraction. With such a method, water passes slowly through the coarsely ground coffee. This will make your drink more caffeinated and have a lighter body. To achieve such a result, there are different coffee machines. The first of these is the French press. It is ideal for better understanding the gentle method and allows you to make coffee relatively quickly (around 4 minutes). In the same spirit, you can also opt for the famous electric filter coffee maker. However, to avoid drinking sock juice, choose high quality material. The ideal is for your device to be equipped with an infusion shower and an insulated jug. This is the guarantee of enjoying incomparable coffee. Great connoisseurs can also treat themselves to a conical filter coffee maker (or dripper), offering optimal aroma extraction.


Espresso fans will prefer other types of coffee makers. For example, you can opt for an espresso machine or a percolator. With such equipment, heated water passes through the coffee at high pressure. You thus obtain a short coffee with a strong aromatic palette and a little cream. Do you like to personalize your coffee? Then you are definitely made for the coffee machine with grinder. This allows you to adjust the fineness of the grind of your coffee beans. You can also get a classic machine and combine it with a coffee grinder. It's also a good idea to store your coffee since the beans lose their properties less quickly than ground coffee. Finally, you will find pod coffee makers on the market. Easier to use, they however offer less pressure than a real espresso machine. The coffee will thus be lighter and you will not be able to understand all its subtleties. Have you made your choice ? All you have to do is test it with ground coffee, coffee beans or Araku capsules. Good tasting !

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