•   An AeroPress coffee maker
  •   An AeroPress filter
  •   A kettle
  •   A watchstop
  •   A grider
  •   A spatula
  •   A scale
  •   A mug


  •   70g of coffee for 1L of water
  •   or 14g for 20cl of water



Tuto AeroPress - Etape 1     

Start by molding 15g of coffee.

1. Heat the water until simmering (92°c - 94°c).


2. Place your filter in the filter holder and rinse it with hot water.

3. Attach the filter holder to the tube and place it on a coffee server or a mug. Place the coffee server/ mug on a kitchen scale.

4.  Pour the ground coffee into the tube. 


           Tuto AeroPress - Etape 2


Tuto AeroPress - Etape 3                  

4. Turn on the timer and pour 200g of hot water (approx. to figure 3), make sure to wet all the coffee. Insert the plunger without pressing to keep the coffee warm.

5.  Let the coffee infuse for 1 minute. Remove the plunger and stir with the spatula.


6. Insert the plunger. Firmly press down the plunger until you hear a long hiss.       

7.  Serve and enjoy!